Here’s to Love!


yin yang: (Pronounced ‘yin-yang’) It is the perfect harmony of 2 entities, whether completely opposite or similar.

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What does every human on the planet want? To be loved by someone unconditionally. The heart yearns for that one person you would want to share your whole life with. One who will love you for who you truly are. Not for what you own, not for what you look like, not for your background. No perceptional biases, no stereotyping. Just pure matching of minds. But then, in today’s world, is that really possible? When you come across someone, you tend to instantly (knowingly or otherwise) do the following:

  1. Try to search him/her on some social networking site and get a feeler of what the person is like
  2. Jump to conclusions and write him/her off because of some menial point
  3. Think of how he/she would be in bed

Then, before you know it, before giving cupid a chance, you tend to already have an impression of the other person. Do you really think minds match this way? No. They don’t. Do you think that based on what you see on some website profile, or what ‘halo’ effect you might have of a person based on his/her hmmm… profession, would get you any closer to finding true love? No!

Ask yourself. You can be very good looking, yet lonely inside, because you may want others to like you based on what’s inside, not what they see outside (your external appearance). Or you may feel you are not beautiful, (every person is beautiful, mind you) but from within, you may have lots of love to give for the right person. Or you might be rich and successful, yet lonely, wishing people wouldn’t be so intimidated by your success, and that someone might love you for the person you are inside. All of this is true, and we can stop pretending it is not. It’s the truth! And even though we deeply root for love, real love, we tend to make assumptions about someone based on the stereotypical conditioning we all have grown accustomed to.

So, here this is the first step to change this; to support someone, anyone, find love. Real love. True love. Yin Yang Love. Uninhibited love. If you want to do this, if you believe you deserve love, you follow these steps:


  1. You feel totally ready to love someone, to be with someone. You ready yourself to accept true love in you life.
  2. You send 39 Sterling Pounds (GBP) via PayPal. PayPal id is (Calm down. Justification for this charge will be made in a moment)
  3. Once a confirmation has been received from PayPal regarding your payment, you will receive an email with a short questionnaire (It will be short, don’t worry. Not more than 5 very short questions. Definitely)
  4. You answer the questions based on the instructions provided, and email back your answers
  5. After reviewing every reply, and based on your thoughts, we will match these replies to find someone who has similar thoughts as you, then send brief introductions to both parties telling them about their prospective partner in a short email

Then, it’s your time to shine. Exchange emails, talk on the phone, whatever your heart wishes. You will see that the person you would contact would be perfect for you! Why are we so sure? Here’s why:

  1. We are not going to ask you for any personal details about yourself. No names. No pictures. No personal details at all. Just some general thoughts your mind may have about some things. This will make sure that the person you would contact has no perceptional biases to begin with, except for knowledge of the fact that his/her prospective partner thinks and feels the way he/she does. Think about it. That’s what you really want. That’s what you will get.
  2. Since we won’t be asking you your name, or any other personal detail, you can be free in answering your questions to us. Just like you would do with a very close friend of yours. The difference here would be that there would be no scope of us judging you in any way. We just wouldn’t know who you are for us to make any judgments in any way (even your payment on PayPal wouldn’t reveal any personal information to us). So, be free. Be yourself.
  3. We are not against same-sex love. So even if you are homosexual, believe in love, and are seeking love, then we will help you without any biases. We are okay with your preferences.

Simple as that.

Also, there is a point to clear here. Why are we charging for this? Well, going through everyone’s answers, and then looking through different people’s answers would take time on our side. Think of it as you getting your personal matchmaker for that price. Forget going through numerous profiles, websites, etc. Moreover, we are not charging a bomb. The fee we are asking will ensure that only people seriously looking for love enjoy this, and will keep the non-serious ones away. It’s not a big amount in comparison to getting a real person match you up with someone, than have a computer system match you up (as is prevalent on many sites these days). Also, why would you want to lose your confidence going through various prospects and still not finding anyone worthy? Just think about this again. It works!

Is everything clear? It is now upon you to make a move. March ahead!

No games. Just love. Cheers to love!

P.S. Spread this around for many people to benefit. More the people seek out to us, the higher your chances of being matched with someone wonderful because you never know who’s out there that’s perfect for you!